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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Climate tweets for 21 February 2014

350 dot org @350: This is so good. RT @fossilfreeau: Over 70 @AmericanU students stage a silent vigil at entrance to Trustees meeting

Global temperature warm "streak" nears 29 years: @ClimateCentral 

Big Antarctic glacier to keep raising sea level, even without warming: @Reuters 

An actual climate debate: Is the Arctic really drunk, or does it just act like it sometimes?: 

RT Moms Clean Air Force ‏@CleanAirMoms: Reading: Maine Council of Churches Establishes Fossil Free Investment Policy 

RT Climate Reality ‏@ClimateReality: 50 plans. 50 states. 100% renewable energy. No joke.  @SolutionsProj

Nazis, shoddy science, and the climate contrarian credibility gap: @dana1981 @guardian 

Scurvy Story: Why You Should Believe 97% of Climate Scientists, Not Long-Wrong John Christy:

RT @Interwest: Plug-in EVs $3.6 billion in revenue worldwide in 2013, up from $707m in 2011 

U.K. Floods Bring Cameron’s Climatic Moment: @NYTimes

RT Peter Gleick ‏@PeterGleick: Fox News casts doubt on climate change because of the temperatures in this little circle:

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