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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Climate tweets for 17 October 2014

Florida denier pols challenged as rising sea levels get more real:  via @washingtonpost 
[flooding, science, denial]

Spot Water Shortages Begin in Sao Paulo:  via @BloombergNews 
[Brazil, drought]

When Climate Change Has Already Come: @CityLab:
[sea level, Virginia]

Desert drought dust ups avalanche danger in Colorado backcountry: @COindependent:

South Pacific climate activists blockade Australia coal port: … via @BBCNews
[sea level, flooding]

Businesses go green, little faith in U.N. climate plan: … via @TR_Foundation 
[investing, divestment, risk]

Curry Advocates Against Action on Climate Change: @HuffPostGreen:
[Judith Curry, science, denial]

RT TGWF @greenwebfound:
Do you want Twitter to stop burning #coal? Sign the petition @Avaaz:  #climatemarch continues online!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Climate tweets for 16 October 2014

This new study explains why fracking won't solve the climate crisis: @MotherJones:
[natural gas, science, energy]

Plants absorb more CO2 than we thought, but ... : @ConversationEDU:

Peru says its glaciers shrank 40% in four decades from climate change: @Reuters:
[sea level, water]

Newly released study vastly underestimates worst-case scenario for sea level rise:

U.S. considers #climatechange plan that would mandate emission cuts: @neelaeast @latimes:

Separating Science of Climate Change from Non-Science of Climate Deniers:

As deaths mount in Nepal disasters, questions about climate change raised: @TorontoStar:

Revealed: the companies doing the most to combat climate change: @cdproject:
[investing, divestment]

Why climate 'uncertainty' is no excuse for doing nothing: @ConversationEDU:
[science, denial]

Can Progressives, Enviros, Scientists Save Capitalism From Pro-Collapse Polluters?:

Why Fossil Fuel Divestment Is Working | Ethics & International Affairs:
[investing, risk]

RT Naomi Oreskes @NaomiOreskes:
The divestment movement is gaining steam. What can it achieve?: … via @grist
[investing, risk]

Will Climate Change Denial Become Political Liability? U.S. Treaty Envoy Thinks So: @insideclimate:

Tell eBay: Don't support climate change denial. Drop ALEC now! #DisruptDenial:
[science, American Legislative Exchange Council]

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Climate tweets for 14 October 2014

Reservoir at 5%: Climate Change to Leave Sao Paulo’s 20 Million without Water by November?: 
[Brazil, drought]

Companies woefully unprepared for climate events: S&P: … via @TR_Foundation
[investing, divestment, risk, Standard and Poor's]

Starting to Sting? Exxon Blasts Movement to Divest From Fossil Fuels:
[investing, divestment, ExxonMobil, denial]

Expanding Antarctic Sea Ice Is Coastal Flooding ‘Warning Bell’: @ClimateCentral:
[Antarctica, glaciers]

Consistent: Paul Ryan Still Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About On Climate Change: 
[science, denial]

When climate change comes after even the most common species: @NewsHour:

Dinner with global warming contrarians, disaster for dessert: @dana1981 @guardian:
[science, denial]

European countries still drag heels on climate as wild weather builds: via @guardian 

Opinion: Seeing U.S. business opportunity in low-carbon economy: @thehill:

California Heat Delivers Costly Blow to Coastal San Diego: @insideclimate: h/t @eadouglass
[heat waves, energy]

RT Concerned Scientists @UCSUSA:
Faced with ongoing exodus of funders, ALEC is suddenly in a hurry to hide its long history of denying climate change:
[science, denial, American Legislative Exchange Council, Kochs]

Joining the club: New Zealand is drying out, & here's why: … via @ConversationEDU
[drought, food, water, farming, agriculture]

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Climate tweets for 13 October 2014

Climate change: Study reveals sea levels steady for 6,000 years before rapid rise in past 150:

Moron alert: Coal 'good for humanity': Australia PM Tony Abbott: … via @ABCNews 
[energy, air pollution, health, denial]

Hagel: Climate change will challenge U.S. military: @lbaldor @AP:
[national security]

Lax climate policy hasn't made Canada 'energy super power': @CdnPress:

More Anglican dioceses join fossil fuel divestment ranks: 
[investing, Australia]

RT Cynthia @cs4colorado @cs4colorado:
.@MarkUdall is a green, environmental champion! Gardner can't answer question on climate!: … #SaveTheSenate
[Cory Gardner, denial]

Half of summers will soon be relentlessly hot for hundreds of millions of people: @MotherJones:
[heat waves, China]

Marchers headed to Pittsburgh to warn of #climatechange:
[investing, divestment]

When the ice vanished: Alaska town and polar bears: @ajam:
[wildlife, sea ice, Arctic]

The Planet Just Had Its Hottest September on Record: @climateprogress:

Kate Has Things to Say: Our Climate's Excellent Adventure: @DrKateMarvel:

RT Rob Hopkins @robintransition:
Wind power is cheapest energy, EU analysis finds:
[wind energy, renewable energy]

Look out below: For concrete, climate change may mean shorter lifespan:

As Minnesota's climate changes, bad air, new disease risks follow: @mprnews:

Monday, October 13, 2014

Climate tweets for 12 October 2014

RT David Spratt @djspratt:
NASA (preliminary) climate temperature data has September 2014 hottest Sept on record via @thingsbreak

Sao Paulo Facing Water Shutoffs If Withdrawals Cut: @BloombergNews:
[Brazil, drought]

Alaska: Birch trees hammered by heat, invasive insects: 
[forests, heat waves]

Not Just California: Droughts Extend Across Americas:
[water, food, agriculture, farming]

Americans Can Save More Money by Not Burning It: Study: @BloombergNews:
[energy efficiency]

Outrage at ANU divestment shows power of its idea:
h/t @DrRimmer
[investing, Australian National University]

Grim outlook 4 fish as climate change makes waters warmer: @TheScotsman:
[wildlife, food, oceans]

Texans Getting Creative w/ Saving Water:  
[drought, Texas]

Indonesia to build $263m sea wall to protect capital from sea level rise: @TR_Foundation:
[flooding, Jakarta]

RT Fred Bentler @Bentler:
Students continue to push WWU Foundation to divest from fossil fuel:
[investing, divestment, Western Washington University]

RT grist @grist:
No, there is NOT more ice at the poles -- and other denier myths debunked:
[science, denial] 

.@TomSteyer's climate change crusade focuses on midterm races, for now: 

Republicans flail about looking for alternative to climate denialism: @drgrist:
pscience, denial]

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Climate tweets for 10 October 2014

Acid Oceans Could Deal Heavy Blow to Fishing-Dependent Nations: @IPSnews:
[acidification, food]

Methane ‘Hot Spot’: Huge, But Nothing Compared to Other Methane Sources:

Hundreds of Hunting, Fishing Groups Voice Support for Action on Climate:

Miami Uses Pumps (& lots of $) to Battle Flooding from Sea Level Rise:
[Florida, adaptation]

California drought pushes BC food prices higher (video): @vancouversun: 
[British Columbia, Canada, water, agriculture]

#GenCO2? Pricing Arctic change, for boardrooms & soccer moms alike: @TheDailyClimate:

Few U.S. states preparing for climate change, study says: @neelaeast @latimes:

Global CO2 pricing scheme surfaces ahead of 2015 climate summit: @Euractiv:
[carbon tax]

RT Andrew Freedman @afreedma:
.@capitalweather maybe your comparison of @curryja and @JohnKerry on #climate could note which view most climate scientists agree w/?

RT Anders Hedberg @anheepc:
2057. #NewEngland #ocean #species shifted as much as 200 mi north, @NOAANCDC reports: 

RT ClimateCommunication @ClimateComms:
Wall Street Journal offers a skewed climate perspective from Judith Curry:

The Vast Benefits Of Energy Efficiency: In Shocker, @nytimes Op-Ed Confuses:
[New York Times]

Friday, October 10, 2014

Climate tweets for 9 October 2014

‘The Other CO2 Problem’: How Acidic Oceans Will Cost Our Economy Billions:
[acidification, fishing, food]

Catching on: Californians make big cuts in water usage, report says:

Sea Level Rise Making Flooding Routine for U.S. Coastal Cities: @ClimateCentral:

Minister touts evangelicals' role facing climate change: @jaxdotcom:
[faith, religion]

"[I]nvestment in the fossil fuel industry [is] unethical, socially irresponsible ...":
[New Zealand, Presbyterian Church, investing, divestment]

Glasgow University 1st in U.K. to sell its fossil fuel investments: @BBCNews:
[investing, divestment]

California leads on climate change, says 50-state tool: @usatoday:  

Congressman: ‘I Am a Scientist’ & There’s No Evidence of Human-Caused Climate Change:
[science, denial, Dan Benishek, Michigan]

RT Alan Nogee @alannogee:
Yes, yes. RT @tcktcktck: Phasing out coal is cheapest way to emissions reductions and lo-C economy. @climatepolicy: 

RT BulletinOfTheAtomic @BulletinAtomic:
Is it possible to have any fun at all without burning fossil fuels?:

RT Climate Reality @ClimateReality:
Ruffed grouse: This beauty could fly away forever from North Carolina.  @audubonsociety
[wildlife, birds]

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Climate tweets for 7 October 2014

Tackling global warming will improve health, save lives, save money: @guardian:

Climate change adversely affecting Arctic wildlife: @adndotcom:

Climate Change Causes Long Droughts in New Zealand; Economy Loses $1.3 Billion: 
[water, farming, agriculture]

A good lunch spoiled: Breaking bread with a climate change denier: … via @wr_record
[denial, science]

Talking about local challenges makes climate change real: @TR_Foundation:

Conditions in Antarctic Waters May Precipitate Sharp Sea Level Rise: @PlanetExperts:
[glaciers, Antarctica]

Missing Isotopes: What’s Happening in World’s Highest Glaciers?: @NatGeo:
[sea level]

Montpellier, France, Floods for Second Time in 9 Days: @WUnderground:

Coral bleaching 'way above average' due to record warm ocean temperatures: @AP:

Coffee Futures Jump to 32-Month High on Brazil Crop Woes: @BloombergNews:
[food, drought, water, agriculture]

Food Supply in Central America Threatened by Drought: @G_Liberty_Voice:
[water, agriculture]

A response to Victor & Kennel’s commentary “Ditch 2°C warming goal”: @KevinClimate:

Renewable energy future feasible, new study reports: @physorg_com:

RT TckTckTck @tcktcktck:
The 40-day ClimateWalk in the Philippines is calling for an energy transformation and community power #ReclaimPower

Colorado U.S. Senate Candidate Admits Cause of Climate Change, Won’t Do Anything About It: 
[Cory Gardner, denial]

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Climate tweets for 6 October 2014

"We continue to be stunned at how rapidly ocean is warming.": @ClimateCentral:

RT Met Office @metoffice:
It might seem a distant memory, but final stats reveal it was the driest September since records began in 1910:
[science, United Kingdom]

RT David Appell @davidappell:
MT @PeterGleick: California has just seen the hottest & driest three-year period in 117 yrs.
[drought, water, science]

$5b price tag to defend valuable SF waterfront land from sea level rise: @sfexaminer:
[California, San Francisco, flooding]

RT 350Australia @350Australia:
Big few weeks for fossil fuel divestment - even the @AFR thinks so!:
[investing, Australia]

Earth Heating Faster than We Realized, Making 2°C Limit for Global Warming More Urgent:

What #GlobalWarming? How to Lie With Data: @BadAstronomer:
[science, Arctic, Antarctica, sea ice, denial]

Perth Anglicans move away from fossil fuel investments: @ABCNews:
[investing, divestment]

Past measurements may have missed massive ocean warming: @Science:

RT Fossil Free @GoFossilFree:
People, Not Exxon, Own the Sky: what's next for the climate movement from @natgeo and @billmckibben:
[investing, divestment]

Gaming Carbon Must End to Solve Global Warming: @SciAm: [carbon tax]

RT Ella Shnapp @EShnapp:
@billmckibben This weds @GlasgowUni could be 1st #FossilFree UK uni and lead the way to a safe climate future! 
[investing, divestment, Glasgow University, United Kingdom]

Going Down?: Australia Clean Energy Investment Plummets Below Algeria, Myanmar ...: 
[renewable energy, investing, divestment, denial]

Fish failing to adapt to rising CO2 levels in oceans: @guardian: 
[fishing, acidification, food]

RT People & Planet @peopleandplanet:
.@GlasgowUni it's time to show leadership and divest from fossil fuels #UGfossilfree #UofGworldchangers
[investing, divestment]

RT diane gilpin @digilpin:
Scientist @KevinClimate takes @BBCRadio4 to task. Why no mention of climate change in @Costingtheearth on shale gas?:
[Kevin Anderson, journalism, denial, natural gas, methane]

Donate to full-page ad asking @Google to put its $ where its mouth is on climate change: 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Climate tweets for 5 October 2014

Scientists find human fingerprints all over Australia's hottest year on record:
[science, heat waves]

Glaciers Lose 204 Billion Tons of Ice in 3 Years: @DrMRFrancis:
[sea level, science]

Sadness: Coal companies having tough year so far:  via @knoxnews
[energy, investing, divestment]

Thirsty Land, Hungry People (& not in California): @IPSnews:
[Sri Lanka, drought, water, farming, food, agriculture]

Limiting global warming to 2 °C – why Victor & Kennel are wrong - @RealClimate:
[science, Real Climate]

.@AlbionCollege prof says climate change all too real: @bcenquirer:

Greening the Tea Party: @livingonearth:
[Living on Earth, solar, conservatives]

.@WashingtonPost Gets (More) Serious About Climate Change, Hires @ChrisCMooney to Blog: 

RT Bill McKibben @billmckibben:
Astonishing video from @NewYorker on the CA drought. Shades of Agee or Steinbeck:
[New Yorker, Dust Bowl, California]

RT Michael E. Mann @MichaelEMann:
Sauron's eye now fixed on @neiltyson, via @TBogg @RawStory: 
[Neil DeGrasse Tyson, science, denial]

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Climate tweets for 3 October 2014

California just entered 4th year of drought: Why things could soon get much worse:
[water, science]

California Faces Record-Breaking October Heat Wave: @climateprogress: 

.@MichaelEMann article in @EcoWatch should be required reading for any journalist writing on climate:
[science, journalism]

No, we should not abandon the 2C target: @drgrist:
[science, denial]

Fact-checking McConnell's views on climate change: @courierjournal:
[Mitch McConnell, Kentucky, coal, denial]

Marathon Walk to Storm City Spotlights Philippines Climate Risks:

Is this the end of autumn as we know it?: @BBCNews:
[science, ecology]

Head of ALEC: ‘I Don’t Know Science’ of Climate Change: via @climateprogress
[American Legislative Exchange Council, Koch, denial]

Trying to Fight Climate Change without Admitting Humans Are to Blame: 
[science, denial]

MT @billmckibben: Amazing full-page ad in @thecrimson from Harvard profs demanding divestment now!

RT Heidi Cullen @HeidiCullen
Sea level rise in Miami: … via @UMiamiRSMAS

RT EcoWatch @EcoWatch:
How Big Coal Makes Us Sick by Mary Anne Hitt: @maryannehitt: … via @EcoWatch @sierraclub @BeyondCoal 
[energy, air pollution, health]

Friday, October 3, 2014

Climate tweets for 2 October 2014

RT Justin Gillis @JustinHGillis:
Yes folks, taps in Calif. are actually running dry. What it's like to live in that situation:
[drought, water] 

2°C Or Not 2°C: Why We Must Not Ditch Scientific Reality in Climate Policy:
[science, denial]

RT Bill McKibben @billmckibben:
Millennials most concerned about #ClimateChange, least likely to vote in the midterm elections. #ActOnClimate now at

MIT: Global Energy Use, CO2 May Double by 2100: @AP @TribLIVE:

Southern France trying to dry out after 10 inches (250mm) of rain in 3 hours:

As Globe Warms, So Does Climate Movement: @toddgitlin @TomDispatch:
[People's Climate March]

.@WSJ needed fresh “don’t bother about climate” face. It found a doozy.
… via @slate
[science, denial, Steven Koonin, Wall Street Journal]

When Can Big Storm or Drought Be Blamed on Climate Change?: @nprnews:

Declare climate change health emergency, says medical journal: @RTCCnews:
[British Medical Journal]

Here’s Who to Blame for Increased U.S. Contribution to Global Warming in 2013:

RT ClimateChangeNForum @ClimateChangeNF:
"We'll just adapt" "The sci is not settled!" "Don't care" & "Leave it 2 God" (@DanPatrick) See scientists' reactions:
[science, denial]

RT D. R. Tucker @DRTucker:
Quark Soup by David Appell: Distinguished Professor Harassed by Fulks, Monckton, Wiese et al:
[science, denial, Gordon Fulks, Christopher Monckton, Chuck Wiese, Jim Karlock, Irving Forbing]

Global warming: a battle for evangelical Christian hearts & minds: @dana1981 @guardian:
[science, denial, faith, religion]

35,000 Walruses Converge On Alaska Beach As Sea Ice Retreats:
[Arctic, wildlife]

Greenland Ice Sheet more vulnerable to climate change than prev thought: @ScienceDaily:
[sea level, glaciers]

RT GYCC @gycc_gycc:
@climatehawk1 plz support the climate change awareness and youth empowerment campaign of GYCC:

More#FF/join/contribute to: @mmfa @climateprogress @ClimateCentral @citizensclimate @350 @ClimateReality #climate #divest !

#FF @Lovemotherocean @HannahMurdockTX @algore @MartinScribbles @StephenLeahy @GWFotD @IdiotTracker @DanJWeiss #climate

#FF @TenneyNaumer @billbills @AdamPeretzman @johnlundin @TheEarthNetwork @FaunKime @alannogee @NobleIdeas #climate

#FF @Alex_Verbeek @climategeek @firebobbc @Lee_Tennant @bberwyn @suzyji @earthvisiontrst @DeSmogCanada #climate

#FF @DeSmogBlog @kkaufmann @chriscmooney @DRTucker @greenroofsuk @djspratt @climate_ice @dana1981 @TheDailyClimate #climate

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Climate tweets for 30 September 2014

RT Eric Holthaus @EricHolthaus:
No, China isn't the problem. We are.

Opinion: 3 Lessons to Winning War on Global Warming: @InsideClimate:
[investing, divestment]

News Corp, Occidental Among Latest Firms to Cut Ties w/ ALEC: @prwatch:
[Occidental Petroleum, American Legislative Exchange Council, denial]

Like Snorting Koch: Watching Fox News Addicts Viewers, Misinforms Them On Climate Change: 
[denial, journalism]

How fishery once 'a marvel of the world' died:
[food, fishing, Grand Banks, cod]

Oil majors target King Coal in fight for [low part of] climate high ground: 
[energy, natural gas]

RT Hot Topic @hottopicnz:
Another French extreme rainfall record - 2nd in 13 days - 299mm drenches Montpellier, most in just 3 hours:
[flooding, France]

Australian govt energy paper: Coal 4 decades to come: … via @BusinessSpec 

Global Warming Elevates Odds of Extreme Weather, from Australia to California: @mashable:
[heat waves, drought]

Despite @UN climate summit, fossil fuel firms still in for long term: @guardian:
[investing, divestment]

Growing, and Growing Vulnerable: Atlantic, Gulf Barrier Islands:
[sea level, flooding]

Putting a price on carbon: Why not a carbon tax?: @STWorg:
[investing, divestment]

RT Sandy Dechert @sandydec:
Catalyzing Action At The September 2014 UN Climate Summit | S Dechert (LONG):