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Monday, March 31, 2014

Climate tweets for 30 March 2014

UN document warning of grave climate future completed: @physorg_com 

The ripple effect of less water: @LasVegasSun 
[drought, Nevada]

Climate change is going to turn Earth into planet of hungry kids: @Grist: 
[agriculture, farming, food]

Climate sensitivity wrangles don’t change big picture on emissions: Simple Climate 

RT Stephen Leahy ‏@StephenLeahy:
Sadly Necessary RT @AGW_Prof: Climate Science Legal Defense Fund fundraiser: Please help. Donate & spread word.
Facing Rising Seas, Bangladesh Confronts Consequences of Climate Change: @NYTimes 
[sea level, flooding]

Rising Seas: @NYTimes:
[sea level, flooding]

RT TckTckTck ‏@tcktcktck:
"#ClimateAction saves lives": As IPCC releases its climate impacts report, world leaders must take note & take action

RT Peter Hannam ‏@p_hannam:
Climate change: Time bomb ticks as the Earth heats, via @Aruptom: 

RT Bill McKibben ‏@billmckibben:
In drought-stricken CA, it takes a gallon of water to produce a single almond. Farmers now pumping aquifers dry: 
[agriculture, farming, food]

Research suggests Autumn ending later in northern hemisphere: @physorg_com 
[science, phenology]

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Climate tweets for 28 March 2014

Global Warming Hurts Rural Communities Most: @christian_aid @sciam
[farming, food, agriculture]

Climate change and human survival: @BMJ_latest 

New study shows major increase in W. Antarctic glacial loss: @physorg_com 
[Antarctica, sea level]

Pacific Ocean Turning Sour Much Faster Than Expected, Study Shows:
[acidification, CO2]

Is Japan playing hunger games with climate change?: @BBCNews 
[farming, food, agriculture]

Climate Change May Make Terrible Mudslides More Common: @EricHolthaus @Slate 

@CarbonBubble: Bill Koch is the latest executive to leave the coal business, saying it “has kind of died" 
[investing, divestment]

RT ClimateCentral ‏@ClimateCentral:
Friday Fact: Achoo! Rising CO2 has helped increase ragweed pollen production:
[allergies, health

RT Sandy Dechert ‏@sandydec:
New Alps study warns of worse landslides to come: 

Inside Koch brothers' campus crusade: @PublicI 
[education, science]

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Climate tweets for 27 March 2014

How Scientists Are Moving Climate Change Conversation Forward: @MichaelEMann @EcoWatch: 

Kansas House Rejects Koch-Backed Push to Kill Clean Energy Law: @climateprogress 
[wind power, wind energy, energy policy, denial]

British Columbia enacted the most significant carbon tax in the W. Hemisphere—and it worked 
[energy policy]

Statistics and Climate Science: Roger Pielke Missed Mark: 

10,853 of 10,855 science papers agree: Global warming is happening, humans to blame: @Salon 

Climate change to make downpours more violent: expert: @smh 

RT TckTckTck ‏@tcktcktck:
'It’ll affect nearly every aspect of human life on this planet': Strong warning on #ClimateImpacts ahead of IPCC:

RT Climate Progress ‏@climateprogress:
One simple graphic explains the difference between climate science and climate politics:

Watch this scientist fight climate change on the gorgeous Olympic Coast: @Grist 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Climate tweets for 26 March 2014

The most common fallacy in discussing extreme weather events: @RealClimate 
[science, denial]

In Ranchers Vs. Weeds, Climate Change Gives Weeds An Edge: @NPRFood 
[ranching, agriculture, food]

Climate Change Is Going to Make Us All Very Hungry, & We're Not Doing Anything to Stop It: @FastCoExist 
[agriculture, farming, food]

Opinion: Even oil companies don't want 'roasted world': @mindylubber @CERESnews 
[investing, divestment]

UN: Extreme weather soars, Australia's record heat 'virtually impossible' without human impacts 

Global warming not stopped, will go on for centuries: @WMO @Reuters 

Environmental coalition launches counterattack against Koch brothers: @WashingtonPost 

RT Press Gazette ‏@pressgazette: 
Why does BBC give airtime to Lord Lawson's 'despicable gang' on climate change? Asks prof behind 2011 Trust report 
[United Kingdom, denial, Global Warming Policy Foundation, GWPF]

RT Carbon Tracker ‏@CarbonBubble:
'Carbonbubble toil and trouble' in @NatureClimate via @LeoHickman 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Climate tweets for 25 March 2014

Arizona's future climate: temps rising, water disappearing: @physorg_com 

Cherry-picked and misrepresented climate science undermines @FiveThirtyEight brand: @skepticscience 
[Nate Silver]

RT JPascal van Ypersele ‏@JPvanYpersele:
Quote of the Week: @Time Magazine on CO2, climate change, & sea level in 1956 … MT @simondonner @Keeling_curve

@ecolitical A remarkably accurate global warming prediction, made in 1972:

.@Harvard’s destroying our planet: America’s grand, institutional failure to stop climate change: 
[investing, divestment]

RT Tim Rote ‏@timrote:
Climate Change 'Going To Affect Nearly Every Aspect Of Human Life':

How The Koch Brothers Are Hacking Science: @TPM 

144 Bipartisan U.S. Congress Members Seek Wind Energy Tax Credit Renewals: 
[renewable energy]

"The polar bear is us": Big climate report: Global warming is big risk for people: @nzherald 

RT Chris Riedy ‏@chrisjriedy  15h
Climate change is waking the Kraken! IPCC preview: deep trouble brewing in our oceans: 
via @ConversationEDU

The Puzzles Involving Sea Ice at the Poles: @YaleMediaForum 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Climate tweets for 24 March 2014

New Media Begin to Fill Gaps in Mainstream Climate Coverage: @mmfa 

RT Scott Westerfeld ‏@ScottWesterfeld:
Plot idea: 97% of the world's scientists contrive an environmental crisis, but are exposed by a plucky band of billionaires & oil companies.

RT Climate Bloggers ‏@climatebloggers:
One woman’s story of fighting climate change – and how you can join her: 

Yes, Manmade Global Warming Is Worsening California’s Epic Drought: @climateprogress 
[science, water, agriculture, farming]

Landslide Kills 8 In Washington; Climate Change Makes Them More Likely In Future

RT Wen Stephenson ‏@wenstephenson:
Just read Zadie Smith's beautiful brutal mournful essay in which she nails left-intellectual climate denial @nybooks 

RT Green ‏@DDidemaydogan:
Save The Arctic! 

ATMOSPHERE: The climate is changing. When will we? Documentary seeks funding support: 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Climate tweets for 23 March 2014

.@VICE chases melting ice in Greenland: @Grist 
[journalism, sea level]

Global warming to hit Asia hardest, warns new report on climate change: @guardian 
[sea level, water]

Tibet records rising temperatures, extreme weather: @XHNews 

RT Eric Holthaus ‏@EricHolthaus: RT @dana1981: 
By hiring a climate disinformer, Nate Silver undermines his entire premise of data-driven journalism 

Scientists report record-early high CO2 readings at key site: @DailyCamera 

RT CitizensClimateLobby ‏@citizensclimate  13h
Great post: The #1 factor that has allowed me to live car-free easily and pleasurably for 10 years 
[transportation, cycling]

Siberian Heat Wave Is Breaking Kara Sea Ice in March: 
[Arctic, Russia]

Climate change worsening all aspects of life in China: leaked @IPCC report: @chinadialogue 

RT Stacy Clark ‏@Stacy__Clark:
I'm joining w/ alumni to support fossil fuel divestment at @skidmorecollege. Let's go fossil free! 
[investing, divestment]

RT Bas Geerts ‏@Bas_Geerts
:-) “@Alex_Verbeek: Nice one! Berlin street art: "Politicians discussing global warming."

RT Dianah Mieglich ‏@DianahMieg
New IPCC climate report projects significant threats to Australia 

Solar costs to halve as natural gas prices surge: Renew Economy 
[renewable energy]

RT TckTckTck ‏@tcktcktck:
"We do not want to die" - parts of Brazil are running out of water due to climate change. Take #ClimateAction

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Climate tweets for 21 March 2014

Deep ocean current may slow due to climate change, create warming feedback loop: 

New index reveals that recent U.K. flooding could signal climate change: @physorg_com 

BP calls for global carbon price to avoid "worst impacts of climate change": @VanObserver 
[investing, divestment]

RT CitizensClimateLobby ‏@citizensclimate:
Coal & oil lobby for their bottom line. Come to DC and let's lobby for ours -- a livable world. 

Scientists respond to “misleading” London Times article about climate change’s impact on crop yields: 
[science, agriculture, farming, food]

Climate Scientists: We’re Alarmed. Here’s Why You Should Be, Too. 

California officials prepare for worst as historic drought deepens wildfire risk: 
[fire, water] 

South Florida considers investment against rising sea levels: @NewsHour  

RT TckTckTck ‏@tcktcktck:
New cartoon from @firstdogonmoon: One afternoon at a coal industry pool party...

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Climate tweets for 20 March 2014

Australia is wakeup call for rest of world on climate change: @climatecouncil  

February caps 29-year streak of warmer than normal months on Earth:

The End of Spring in a Warming World: @TIME 
[science, phenology]

Climate Science Legal Defense Fund Needs Your Help!: @AGW_prof 

Nate Silver's New Science Writer Ignores Data On Climate Science: @climateprogress 

.@SenWhitehouse: Iowans must help set agenda on climate change in 2016: 

RT Sierra Club ‏@sierraclub:
Biggest land owner in Canada’s oil sands isn’t Exxon Mobil or Conoco Phillips. It’s the Koch bros:  #nokxl

RT Climate Reality ‏@ClimateReality:
Creating community, fighting climate change. #CRinZA gave us 700 more reasons for hope.

RT Heidi Cullen ‏@HeidiCullen:
Continental US seeing spring arrive 3 days sooner on average comparing 1991-2010 to 1961-1980: 
[science, phenology]

Why Did Congress Just Sink Flood Insurance Reform? @ucsusa @LiveScience
[sea level]

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Climate tweets for 19 March 2014

RT Ketan Joshi ‏@KetanJ0:
Totally brilliant comic on what would happen if astrophysics threatened profits

RT Wen Stephenson ‏@wenstephenson: 
My new post: a grad student's brave, devastating open letter to @Harvard prez Drew Faust … #fossilfree @GoFossilFree
[investing, divestment]

Financial markets should take climate policy more seriously: @ConversationEDU 
[investing, divestment]

RT ClimateNow ‏@ClimateNow:
First Climate Article On Nate Silver’s Website Uses ‘Deeply Misleading’ Data, Top Climatologists Say

RT Peter Gleick ‏@PeterGleick:
California snowpack condition is worsening. Now down to 26% of normal for April 1st benchmark.
[drought, water, agriculture, food, farming]

Warmest winter on record worsens California drought: @PlanetArk 

Jet Stream Gets Fish in Hot Water: @WHOI 
[oceans, wildlife]

Scientists, Shellfish Hatcheries See Ocean Acidification Take Huge Toll On Marine Life 
[wildlife, science]

A remarkably accurate global warming prediction made in 1972: @dana1981 @guardian 

Study: Rockies' wildflower season 35 days longer from climate change: @latimes,0,7192239.story 
[science, phenology]

RT Moms Clean Air Force ‏@CleanAirMoms: 
Reading: Illinois Residents Fight Back Against The State’s Coal Industry 

RT Katharine Hayhoe ‏@KHayhoe:
Thank you! RT @carolschads Fantastic interview on truths of climate change! Watch: 

India's 'rice warrior' battles to build living seed bank as climate chaos looms: @guardian 
[agriculture, farming, food]

Wyoming students deserve world-class science education like NGSS that includes climate science! 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Climate tweets for 18 March 2014

Food prices surge as drought exacts high toll on crops: @WSJ 
[farming, agriculture, water]

CO2 on Path to Cross 400 ppm Threshold for a Month: @ClimateCentral 

Science Society Seeks to Shift Dialogue on Climate Change by Showing "What We Know": @sciam 

Global Transition tipping point has arrived - vive la révolution: @guardian 

Nature: Human Warming Now Pushing Entire Greenland Ice Sheet into Ocean: 
[science, glaciers, sea level]

Study: 2ºC Warming Enough to Seriously Hurt Crop Yields: @climateprogress 
[science, food, agriculture, farming]

Glaciers in W. Canada still receding despite cold, snow: @calgaryherald 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Climate tweets for 17 March 2014

Activists warn of ‘carbon bubble’ as Shell predicts climate regulation will hit profits 
[investing, divestment]

Clean Energy: 1-2 Punch in Fight Against Global Warming  via @HuffPostGreen 
[wind power, wind energy, solar]

Ancient Forests Stabilised Earth's CO2 & Climate 
[science, trees]

Greenland implicated further in sea level rise as ice sheet destabilizes 

Hear, hear: Climate change: we've put off difficult decisions for too long: Royal Society head

RT Carol LeBlanc ‏@spunkycarol: The day before yesterday: when abrupt climate change came to the Chesapeake Bay | NOAA 

East African countries already dealing with impacts of climate change: @guardian 
[agriculture, farming, food]

U.S. West’s Drought, Growth Intensify Conflict Over Water Rights: @NYTimes 

.@BarackObama: say no to expediting gas exports to Europe & Ukraine: @ForecastFacts 

RT Climate Reality ‏@ClimateReality: RT @afreedma: You know what would have been helpful for this year's Iditarod race in Alaska? Snow. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Climate tweets for 16 March 2014

Price Of Ignoring Climate Change Far Higher Than We Think: @FastCoExist 

As drought and environmental laws dry up aqueducts, water managers look to aquifers and attitudes: 
[California, water]

RT CitizensClimateLobby ‏@citizensclimate: This is what it's come to: Dry Wichita Falls to try drinking ‘potty water’ 
[drought, Texas] 

RT Mindy Lubber ‏@MindyLubber: Ceres investor member Treas.Nancy Kopp calls for SEC action on climate - investors need to know of impacts 
[investing, divestment]

RT JPascal van Ypersele ‏@JPvanYpersele: New article: climate change will reduce crop yields sooner than we thought 
[agriculture, farming, food]

Coastal homeowners debate whether 2 rebuild or retreat: 
[New Jersey, sea level, flood]

While seas rise in Outer Banks and elsewhere in NC, science treads water:
[North Carolina, sea level, denial]

Vanishing ice warning for 'Africa's Alps': @physorg_com 
[glaciers, water]

CO2, Earth’s Global Thermostat, Dials Up to Record 401.6 ppm Daily Value on March 12: 

RT ClimateCentral ‏@ClimateCentral: FridayFact +2 days: Since 1970, parts of Southeast have seen Spring precip decline up to 20x greater than U.S. avg

‘We are at ground zero’ of climate change: @TR_Foundation 
[sea level, Marshall Islands, flood]

‘Clean Energy’ Candidate for Congress Consulted for Koch-Tied Climate Deniers: 

Study yields more accurate data on 1000s of years of climate change: @physorg_com 

California Exceptional Drought Area Worsens: @accuweather 
[water, food, agriculture, farming]

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Climate tweets for 14 March 2014

Missing Pieces – The True Cost of Carbon Pollution: 

California just had its warmest winter on record: @motherjones 

Climate Change Showdown in Florida Governor's Race: @InsideClimate 

Norway’s Sovereign Wealth Fund to Mandate Investment In Renewable Energy 

RT Climate Reality ‏@ClimateReality: In Sub-Saharan Africa a 2°C increase in temps would lead to a 40% to 80% decrease in maize and millet production

Experts identify Maine wildlife, plants vulnerable to climate change: @bangordailynews 

West Texas gets 1,000-foot wall of dust with front: @DallasNews 

Facts won't beat climate deniers – using their tactics will: @ConversationEDU 

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Climate tweets for 13 March 2014

Must-Read: By the Way, Your Home Is on Fire: The Climate of Change and the Dangers of Stasis 

Going, Going ... New Mexico Snow | Open Mind 
[drought, water]

How Dry Will It Get? New Climate Change Predictions: @LiveScience 
[drought, flood, science]

.@AlGore speaks on drastic climate change at talk in S. Africa: @mailandguardian 

Scientists fear 4degC rise possible: @RNZ_news 

California drought to drive up food prices in long term: @mercnews 
[agriculture, farming, water]

Sea Level Rise Predictions Have Little Effect On Florida Real Estate: @KUOW 

RT Kate Sheppard ‏@kate_sheppard: Hansen: "We're screwing our children, grandchildren, all future generations if we think we can use those unconventional fossil fuels."

RT Climate Reality ‏@ClimateReality: Nobel nominee Sheila Watt-Cloutier: Arctic is the air conditioning of the world & the air conditioning is breaking 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Climate tweets for 12 March 2014

Arctic Ice Still Melting [despite denier-trumpeted "recovery" of 2013]: @slate 
[Phil Plait, Bad Astronomer, science]

Ocean acidification of depths is hard to mitigate: 

NY Regulator, Con Ed Embrace Plan to Climate-Proof Power Grid: @InsideClimate 

RT Eric Holthaus ‏@EricHolthaus: Just noticed @exxonmobil is a sponsor of this year's snowless Iditarod. Genius!

RT Andrew Holland ‏@TheAndyHolland: Poll: "Climate change not a top worry"  1996 headline "Poll: Terror Attacks from Afghanistan not a top worry"

RT CitizensClimateLobby ‏@citizensclimate: You don't have to pull an all-nighter to move agenda on climate. Join the CCL intro call tonight.  #up4climate

Megafires Will Be New Normal in U.S. West: @LiveScience [drought, wildfire, fire]

RT Eric Holthaus ‏@EricHolthaus: The Los Angeles area is currently in a red flag warning for wildfires–it'll be hot & dry & windy through the weekend.

Global warming not slowing--it's speeding up: @skepticscience 

Despite cold, Earth is warming, scientists say: @wvgazette 
[Lonnie Thompson, science]

RT Chris Nelder ‏@nelderini: RT @Guay_JG: All eyes now on Dr. Kim @WorldBank, will he pass his #ClimateTest & reject coal in Kosovo? 

Freak climate in North India may damage crops; fears of El Nino rising: @EconomicTimes