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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Climate tweets for 30 May 2014

Obama Has to Issue Global Warming Rules — The Law Says So: @TPM … [pollution]

How Extreme Weather Is Already Draining Biggest U.S. Corps, By The Numbers: @fastcoexist
[investing, divestment]

Fishing Industry Poised to Lose Billion$ Due to Global Warming: @climateprogress
[oceans, food]

U.S. carbon emissions rising again after 5-year decline: @BusinessGreen

Nature: In Past, Antarctica Has Contributed to Sea Level Rise of 14+ Feet/Century:

Rising sea levels will be too much, too fast for Florida: @ConversationEDU 

RT Forecast The Facts @ForecastFacts:
Politicians now prefacing climate denial by saying they’re #NotAScientist, as tho that gives them license to lie: 

.@EPA expands climate change trends list: @TheHill

Scientists consider new names for globalwarming (Andy Borowitz satire):

RT Bob Farnham @bobthegreenguy:
Join me, @BusinessForward & 1000s of small business owners urging Congress to address global warming.

RT Bill McKibben @billmckibben:
Big march for divestment at some university called Oxford Saturday

RT Elizabeth Kolbert @ElizKolbert:
"A funny thing happened on the way to the diatribe" @NYTimeskrugman on how even foes find cutting CO2 is affordable:
[Paul Krugman, denial]

#FF @Lovemotherocean @HannahMurdockTX @algore @MartinScribbles @StephenLeahy @GWFotD @IdiotTracker @DanJWeiss #climate

#FF @TenneyNaumer @billbills @AdamPeretzman @johnlundin @TheEarthNetwork @FaunKime @alannogee @NobleIdeas #climate

#FF @Alex_Verbeek @climategeek @firebobbc @Lee_Tennant @bberwyn @suzyji @earthvisiontrst @DeSmogCanada #climate

#FF @DeSmogBlog @kkaufmann @chriscmooney @DRTucker @greenroofsuk @djspratt @climate_ice @dana1981 @TheDailyClimate #climate

#FF/join/contribute to: @mmfa @climateprogress @ClimateCentral @citizensclimate @350 @ClimateReality #climate #divest !

Friday, May 30, 2014

Climate tweets for 29 May 2014

New Video: @NeilTyson destroys climate deniers: @motherjones
[science, Cosmos, denial]

RT Elizabeth Kolbert @ElizKolbert:
Isn't it time to drop "scientists say" before phrase "GHG's are the chief cause of global warming?"
[science, journalism, New York Times]

RT Neela Banerjee @neelaeast:
Obama's new rule on power plants expected to be most significant effort to counter climate change in U.S. history

In Historic Blunder, Some States Retreat on Zero-Carbon Power:
[Ohio, renewable energy, clean energy, Kansas, denial]

Kentucky, Indiana face big challenge with new climate rules: @courierjournal

And The Biggest Power Polluter Is: American Electric Power Company: @CERESnews

Navajo Nation's Shifting Sands of Climate Change: @ClimateCentral
[drought, farming, ranching, water]

Will Big Oil Execs Ever Stand Trial for Willful Climate Deceit?: @CommonDreams

RT Jeff Corbin @Jeff_d_corbin:
ICYMI: My reply to @AmyRidenour: Denying science versus debating policy:

RT Fossil Free @GoFossilFree:
Want to launch a fossil fuel divestment campaign in your community? Step 1: join the web workshop:

India’s lethal heatwave strikes again: @ClimateNewsNet

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Climate tweets for 28 May 2014

Home of the Whopper: @WSJ denies 97% scientific consensus on human-caused globalwarming: @guardian 

RT Climate Progress @climateprogress:
The Canadian government doesn't let its meteorologists talk about climate change
[Canada, denial] 

RT CitizensClimateLobby @citizensclimate:
Great cartoon from TOM THE DANCING BUG: What Will Climate Change Deniers Say…? 

RT Bill McKibben @billmckibben:
Inspiring report from an organizer on the (soggy) ground in the flood-soaked Balkans
[flooding, Serbia, Bosnia]

Egypt's Environmental Suicide by Coal: @ThinkDevGrow

No water in sight at New Mexico marina for second year: @thenewmexican 

Trillion-Dollar Question: Are Oil Companies Over-Investing in High-Cost Projects? 
[investing, divestment]

Farewell to cutthroat trout? Global warming drives hybridization: @TheDailyClimate 
[wildlife, fishing]

Climate Change Denial: Costly, Politically Dangerous Gamble: 

RT D.R. Tucker @DRTucker:
.@CitizensClimate It's not easy being green – especially if you're a Republican and that's your job | Ana Marie Cox
[denial, Bob Inglis]

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Climate tweets for 27 May 2014

Something is seriously wrong on the East Coast & it's killing all the baby puffins. 

Rapid climate changes more deadly than asteroid impacts in Earth’s past, study shows. 

Massive 2-Week-Long China Flood Sends Half Million Fleeing, Destroys > 25,000 Homes

War-torn & impoverished, Bosnia faces rebuilding once again after floods: @guardian

Americans care deeply about 'globalwarming' – but not 'climatechange': @guardian

RT David Spratt @djspratt:
Joe Romm: Our choice is clear: continue listening to voices of climate denial or launch a WWII-scale & style effort

RT Fred Bentler @Bentler:
This is an invitation to come to New York City to act on climate
[People's March]

RT CitizensClimateLobby @citizensclimate:
Stop the presses! Richmond Times-Dispatch endorses a carbon tax!

Investing in climate action is long-term proj: Gov. Brown 
[California, drought, water]

RT Michael E. Mann @MichaelEMann:
The "Media Research Center" is a Scaife & fossil fuel front group w/ close ties to ALEC
[denial, science]

RT Moms Clean Air Force @CleanAirMoms:
Reading: Carbon Reductions From Wind Energy In 2013 Were Equivalent To Taking 20 Million Cars Off The Road 
[wind power, renewable energy, clean energy]

RT Ohio Beyond Coal @OhioBeyondCoal:
As SB310 moves to the full House, it is critical Gov Kasich hears from YOU. Call him now, tell him to #StopSB310
[renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy, Koch]

Deforestation plagues Southeast Asian nations: @phnompenhpost 
[forest, trees]

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Climate tweets for 26 May 2014

Rising seas threaten #Delaware coastal areas: @delawareonline
[sea level, flooding]

Seasonal heat records fall for Sydney, with autumn added to list: @smh
[heat waves, Australia]

In Indonesia, Worrying Silence on Climate Change: @sciam
[oceans, food]

Alaska Kenai Peninsula Wildfire: Funny River Fire Grows to More than 110,000 Acres:

Heavy floods kill 15 in southern China's Guangdong province: @timesofindia

McConnell ramps up support for fossil fuels, attacks on opponent: @courierjournal 
[denial, coal, Kentucky]

RT Bill McKibben @billmckibben:
Big momentum for divestment at Western Washington Univ! 

RT 350 dot org @350:
How Antarctic ice sheet melt affects global food security:
[sea level]

U-Miami geologist in trenches of #climate change: @MiamiHerald 
[sea level, Florida]

Monday, May 26, 2014

Climate tweets for 25 May 2014

The urgent voice who refused to be silenced on climate danger: Simple Climate
[James Hansen, science]

Climate Code Red: The real budgetary emergency & myth of "burnable carbon"

Why Oklahoma lawmakers don't want kids to learn about climate: @motherjones 
[education, science, denial]

RT Bill McKibben @billmckibben:
Wow! MA gubernatorial candidates endorse divestment! Good work @350Mass and all the others pushing hard!

RT Dana Nuccitelli @dana1981:
Who are the 'alarmists' here? Real conservatives value evidence | Deseret News  via @deseretnews by @BarryBickmore1
[science, denial]

Top energy analyst charges @Shell with asset-stranding risk “naivety”: @jeremyleggett
[Jeremy Leggett, investing, divestment]

Climate Change and the Years of Investing Dangerously: @iimag
[divestment, carbon bubble]

RT Bill McKibben @billmckibben:
Mountain snows ever scarcer in Pakistan, making life impossible for farmers
[farming, food, water, agriculture]

RT CitizensClimateLobby @citizensclimate:
Great editorial in KC Star: Keep battling Kochs and allies to deliver clean, renewable energy
[Kansas, wind power, wind energy, denial]

RT ClimateNow @ClimateNow:
Athabasca glacier melting at ‘astonishing’ rate of more than five metres a year
[Canada, science]

Alabama's Climate Change Deniers Refuse to Save State: @BW
[denial, sea level]

Australians more worried about climate change, poll finds: @p_hannam @smh
[public opinion]

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Climate tweets for 23 May 2014

When Will Coastal Property Values Crash & Will Climate Science Deniers Be The Only Buyers?
[sea level]

RT Anna Jane Joyner @annajanejoyner:
#FF rockstar women saving our planet: @maryannehitt @HeidiCullen @KHayhoe @kellyavl @DaynaReggero @emmagreenb @garlandjenna #ActOnClimate

RT Dana Nuccitelli @dana1981:
.@NCSE webinar on Debunking and confronting science denial with @skepticscience and @ShaunaDeNada on May 28th

John Oliver's viral video: The best climate debate you'll ever see: @dana1981 @guardian
[denial, science]

Opinion: Climate Change, in Real Time: @LiveScience
[science, denial]

.@KellyRigg: We saved Antarctica … Or did we?: @tcktcktck

Fight rising sea levels--or abandon coasts?: @voxdotcom 

New Report Exposes Fossil Fuel Front Groups Behind Attacks on Renewables: @desmogblog

RT Dana Nuccitelli @dana1981:
The GWPF bemoans state of climate debate – while promoting antagonism via @guardianeco by @readfearn
[Global Warming Policy Foundation, denial]

RT Moms Clean Air Force @CleanAirMoms:
You're Invited! Twitter Chat Q&A w/ @KHayhoe 6/4 3pmET #ClimateMoms

RT Andrew Freedman @afreedma:
Creative, powerful climate activist tweet RT @350: We are the storm we've been waiting for. #PeoplesMarch

RT Paul Rauber @paulrauber:
In which @nprnews @JimZarroli finds remarkable unanimity in the oil industry on KeystoneXL: … He said/she said w/o she

RT A Siegel @A_Siegel:
Has @BjornLomborg sunk to yet another new low? 

Chinese study shows Tibetan glaciers feeding Bhramaputra rapidly shrinking: @domain_b  
[water, India]

Friday, May 23, 2014

Climate tweets for 22 May 2014

RT ClimateCommunication ‏@ClimateComms:
Are we totally screwed? What Antarctica's 'collapsing' ice sheet means for us.

Climate activist @BillMcKibben: Get arrested, wearing a suit, for the Earth: #peoplesclimate

In the age of climate change, trouble is brewing: @phillydotcom 

Euro ambassadors shocked by Australia's anti-climate stance: @Renew_Economy

Ask a California farmer about climate change: @CCTimes
[drought, water, farming, agriculture]

Southeast Australia Endures Fall Heat Wave After Another Record-Breaking Summer:

Balkans flooding is linked to climate change. Here's how: @PRI

Scientists Speak Out on Climate: Is Anyone Listening? – State of the Planet

RT ClimateCentral ‏@ClimateCentral:
MT @ClimateHotNews: Summer's Gonna Be Red HOT in Europe. Accuweather: European Summer Forecast 2014: Widespread Heat
[heat waves]

Win for environment doesn’t need to be loss for energy investors: @globeandmail 
[investing, divestment]

RT Worse Than Poop! ‏@WorseThanPoop:
Thx for following the #poopingcars movie! We're 75% of the way there - pls join us & share!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Climate tweets for 21 May 2014

RT 350 dot org: @350:
That next great moment is late September in New York. See you there.

Biggest Loser: Thawing Greenland Competes with Collapsing Antarctic For Fastest Ice Loss
[sea level]

Climate Context 4 ‘Unprecedented’ Balkans Flooding: @ClimateCentral

History Under Water: Climate Change Imperils Historic, Cultural Sites: @katesheppard 
[sea level]

Which of these 10 major food brands require suppliers to cut emissions? (Fewer than 1):
[investing, divestment]

Why U.S. is always so unprepared to fight wildfires: @voxdotcom

Drought could cost California Central Valley farms $1.7 billion, 14,500 jobs:  #climatecosts
[water, food, farming, agriculture]

RT Bill McKibben ‏@billmckibben:
I'm sensing, for the 1st hours of reaction, a real appetite for the march on NY come Sept. … That gives me hope

RT Fossil Free ‏@GoFossilFree:
Good luck! RT @DivestDU: TODAY IS THE DAY! We are meeting with the @uofdenver board of trustees to make our case for fossil fuel divestment.

Cities depending on snowmelt for water could face problems, study suggests: @csmonitor

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Climate tweets for 20 May 2014

Parched: New Dust Bowl Forms in U.S. Heartland: @NatGeo
[drought, water, farming, food, agriculture, ranching]

Big Melt Accelerates: @nytimes
[glaciers, Antarctica, Greenland, sea level]

"Cosmos" Explains How Global Warming Threatens Civilization as We Know It: @MotherJones 

RT Bill McKibben ‏@billmckibben:
All-time May temp mark smashed in St Petersburg as Russia sizzles 
[heat waves]

RT Bill McKibben ‏@billmckibben:
Number of investment pros offering fossil-free portfolios jumped 50% this year. Divestment: I think it's working!

Evangelicals in Florida turn 2 climate change, call on Gov. Scott to act: @TB_Times
[faith, religion, denial]

California Gov. Jerry Brown presses message on climate change:  
[drought, fire, wildfire]

Tourism suffers as New Zealand's iconic glacier shrinks: 

RT Heidi Cullen ‏@HeidiCullen:
April 2014 tied for globe's warmest April on record: 

Greenland Too: Glaciers More Susceptible to Melt Than Thought: @ClimateCentral 
[sea level]

RT USA TODAY Weather ‏@usatodayweather:
Floods in Balkans are the worst in over a century [worst on record].

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Climate tweets for 19 May 2014

Catchy slogan: Climate change: Get ready or get sued:
[flooding, insurance, risk]

More Than 1 Million Suffer Worst Flooding In 120-Year Record: 
[Bosnia, Serbia]

RT Brendan DeMelle ‏@bdemelle:
.@YEARSofLIVING Takes On Climate Denial, attacks on renewables tonight, featuring @desmogblog @prwatch
[Years of Living Dangerously]

RT ClimateCentral ‏@ClimateCentral:
New @IEA tool lets you choose your own CO2 future:
[energy, International Energy Agency]

Taming the floods, Dutch style: @guardian 
[sea level, flooding, Netherlands]

Brain-dead @Shell dismisses CarbonBubble concept as 'alarmist': @RTCCnews … [investing, divest, oil]

Climate Group Backed By Billionaire Progressive Donor Goes to Koch Bros' Turf: 
[Tom Steyer, denial]

Editorial: Time & tide wait for no one: @courierjournal

Illustrated guide to our slowly collapsing Antarctic glaciers: @qz 
[science, sea level]

RT seth borenstein ‏@borenbears
The wildfires SoCal are seeing [are] what a global warming future may look like. Fire season getting worse & earlier: 
[California, drought]

Monday, May 19, 2014

Climate tweets for 18 May 2014

RT Graham Readfearn ‏@readfearn:
Global warming's point of no return in West Antarctica. What next, asks NASA glaciologist Eric Rignot:
[science, glaciers]

Not Just Sea Level Rise: Northeast U.S. Faces Flooding From Skies:

More than 20 dead, 1000s evacuated in historic Bosnia, Serbia floods: @reuters: 

Miami Will Likely Be Underwater Before Congress Acts on Climate: @nationaljournal:

As Drought Intensifies, California 'Water Cops' Enforce Strict Limits: @mashable:

RT Michael Brown ‏@MJIBrown:
Excellent article by @MichaelEMann on real #climate political witchhunts & Bengtsson nonsense:
[science, denial, Global Warming Policy Foundation, Lennart Bengtsson]

Report: Climate change affecting corporate bottom lines: @AJAM:
[investing, divestment]

Climate Change to Hit Nations' Creditworthiness: S&P: @BloombergNews:
[investing, divestment, risk]

It Doesn't Matter Whether You Call It "Global Warming" or "Climate Change": @ClimateDesk:
[public opinion]

RT Climate Reality ‏@ClimateReality:
Know someone who doesn’t think climate change impacts them? Show them this.: #NCA2014
[National Climate Assessment]

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Climate tweets for 16 May 2014

RT 350 dot org @350:
A massive water crisis is looming over Sao Paulo, South America's largest city: 
[drought, Brazil]

The Year California's Fire Season Never Ended: @nytimes 

More Than 20,000 Evacuated as California Spring Turns to Summer of Fire 
[drought, water, wildfire]

75% of Americans want climate change taught in schools: @CarbonBrief,-poll-shows/
[science, education, public opinion]

Beginning of the end for coal? Citi sees structural decline: @Renew_Economy
[investing, divestment]

Fossil fuels cos spending millions to influence fracking regs in Colorado:
[oil, natural gas]

Site Tracks Your Carbon Footprint, Rewards You for Beating Neighbors: @FastCoExist

RT Phil Plait ‏@BadAstronomer:
This Paul Krugman article is spot-on: The GOP, climate change denial, and the point of no return.

RT Climate Reality ‏@ClimateReality:
The #NCA2014 shows the Southwest region is already affected by climate change. Here’s how:

A World Leader: IMF Pegs Canada's Fossil Fuel Subsidies at $34 Billion: @TheTyee
[energy subsidies]

Friday, May 16, 2014

Climate tweets for 15 May 2014

Study: Tropical cyclones migrating out of tropics toward populous areas: @AP 
[science, hurricanes, typhoons]

RT Phil Plait ‏@BadAstronomer:
Holy wow. Senator James Inhofe (OK) has totally lost whatever tenuous grasp of reality he had.
[denial, national security, military]

Religious Leaders 'Faith Off' Against Texada Coal Terminal: @TheTyee 
[religion, investing, divestment]

Drought may slash U.S. corn gains: @TheDailyClimate 
[farming, food, agriculture, water]

Oklahoma House Committee Rejects Science Standards Over ‘Hyperbole’ of Climate Change:
[education, science, denial]

Mangled Jet Stream Delivers Record-Shattering Heat, Extreme Wildfires to California:
[heat waves, fire]

Insurance co sues Illinois cities for climate damage:

RT sarahbackhouse ‏@sarahbackhouse:
Freakishly hot May Day in #LA #climate #mayday
[heat waves]

RT Eric Holthaus ‏@EricHolthaus:
The shocking truth is, drought-stricken California is the last state that doesn’t regulate groundwater pumping.
[food, farming, agriculture, water]

RT ClimateNow ‏@ClimateNow:
100 Percent of California Now in Highest Stages of Drought

Climate change can sting us - literally: @DMRegister 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Climate tweets for 14 May 2014

April: 2nd Warmest Globally, 350th month in row above average: @ClimateCentral

Looks Like Rain Again. And Again.: @NYTimes 

The $4 Trillion Mistake: Climate Action Delayed Is Climate Action Denied 
[energy subsidies]

6 major reports in a year: "No one can escape the coming storm." 
[science, National Climate Assessment, IPCC]

West Antarctic Ice Sheet Melt: Defending the Drama: @NewYorker
[Antarctica, sea level]

Scary @NASA map shows how world’s forests are going up in smoke: @GlobalPost
[wildfire, fire]

RT Clara Vondrich ‏@Clara_Vondrich:
Now Rubio admits climate is broken but it's too late to fix it! Deny problem, then admit problem but deny solution. 
[denial, Marco Rubio]

RT Heidi Cullen ‏@HeidiCullen:
Here's what major sea level rise looks like in 8 U.S. coastal cities: 

RT Eric Holthaus ‏@EricHolthaus:
My latest #thirstywest: 10 Percent of California’s Water Goes to Almond Farming...That's Nuts.
[drought, farming, agriculture, food]

RT Sierra Club ‏@sierraclub:
BREAKING- Photo of Sen. @MarcoRubio at his climate denial press conference voting AYE on Big Oil subsidies:

RT Shauna Theel ‏@ShaunaDeNada: 
Watch a Fox News anchor say "climate change -- it is real, the science is true"  i can't stop listening :)
[Media Matters, denial]

U.S. Southwest struggles to adapt to year-round fire season: