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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Climate tweets for 29 September 2014

Climate Change Deniers Are Having A Very Bad Year: 
[science, denial, journalism, American Legislative Exchange Council, Google, Yelp, Facebook]

RT Dame Holly Has A Hat @Lee_Tennant:
Climate detectives reveal handprint of human-caused climate change in Australia:  via @physorg_com 

National Science Foundation: Record California Drought Directly Linked to Climate Change: 

World wildlife populations halved in 40 years - report: @BBCNews:

'Wait and see' on climate? No, science is clear: act now: @ConversationEDU: 
[denial, Steven Koonin, Wall Street Journal]

Big Business Climate Change Movement Grows in Size and Heft: @InsideClimate:
[investing, divestment, risk]

Climate change makes it harder to save Lake Erie: @ecowriterohio @toledonews:
[Ohio, algae, water pollution]

Climate change pushing tropical trees upslope "exactly as predicted":
[forests, science, ecology]

Norfolk sea level rise takes shine off waterfront homes:
[flooding, Virginia]

RT Bernadette Woods @BernadetteWoods:
Human-related climate change led to extreme heat, scientists say. #climatematters:

Duck & Cover: Iowa U.S. Senate Candidate Joni Ernst Joins ‘I Don’t Know Science’ Climate Change Chorus: 

California burning points to more intense wildfires: @ClimateNewsNet:
[science, fire]

Monday, September 29, 2014

Climate tweets for 28 September 2014

Flooding, forest fires, expanding deserts: the future has arrived: @guardian:
[wildfires, science]

RT Fossil Free @GoFossilFree:
Divestment targets top 200 publicly-traded companies holding most of world's oil and gas. #whywedivest:
[investing, risk]

Another California drought casualty: No chance to make key air standard:
[air pollution, health, science]

Despite recent split from ALEC, @Google’s connections to climate change denial deep: @sfgate:
[American Legislative Exchange Council]

How big business can help fight climate change: Bob McDonald @CBCNews: 
[investing, divestment, risk]

Climate change finds place in faith: @azds:

Climate Threat: As Global Leaders Stall, Cities Move To Cut Emissions, Boost Efficiency:

How Melty Was Arctic Sea This Year?: … via @Scienceblogs by @gregladen
[sea ice, science]

Is Alaska the new Florida? Experts predict where next for U.S. 'climate refugees': @guardian: 

Do Americans Appreciate Climate Change Risks?: @sciam:
[sea level]

5 Ways ALEC Enables Climate Deniers; @ecowatch:
[American Legislative Exchange Council, science, denial, Kochs]

13 misconceptions about global warming (nice job): h/t @uknowiSS:
[science, denial]

RT What's Your Impact? @whatsyurimpact:
Interested in #climatechange? Be sure to #follow @paulhbeckwith @climatehawk1 @Alex_Verbeek @CleanAirMoms @dana1981 @tveitdal @zshahan3 #FF

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Climate tweets for 26 September 2014

We Marched for Climate Action. Now. We. Must. Vote.: @InsideClimate:
[People's Climate March]

RT Sierra Club @sierraclub:
We love this #PeoplesClimate cartoon by our own @courtenay_lewis! #ActOnClimate:

MT @billmckibben: Sao Paulo water rationed as record drought drags on, reservoirs 10% of normal:

RT 350 dot org @350:
Scientists are speaking out against Koch Bros fossil fuel control of science museums:  thanks @The_NHM for this!

But no "C-word": Insurers, after White House mtg, worried re more 'extreme weather' events:
[insurance, risk]

Opinion: Climate change ignorers — not deniers — are the problem: @Suntimes:
[science, denial]

Obama OKs flooding disaster aid for metro Detroit: @freep:

ALEC tries to prove it’s not lying about #climate change, fails miserably: @readingirl @Salon:
[American Legislative Exchange Council, Google, denial]

ALEC lashes out at @Google over climate change 'lies' charge: @guardian:
[American Legislative Exchange Council, denial]

EU climate chief: Obama has 6 months to take substantial action: @guardian:
[Connie Hedegaard]

NYC Comptroller Wants Big Apple’s Bonds to Go Green:  via @climateprogress 
[investing, divestment]

RT Planet Experts @PlanetExperts:
Climate Change Is Destroying Rocky Mountain Forests:
[drought, beetles]

Your questions on climate sensitivity answered: @skepticscience:

RT Eric Holthaus @EricHolthaus:
The tragedy of the Aral Sea should be a cautionary tale for California and the West:
[Russia, drought]

RT Moms Clean Air Force @CleanAirMoms:
Reading: Mitch McConnell Attacks His Opponent For Answering Yes To: ‘Do You Believe In Climate Change?’:

RT Climate Mobilization @MobilizeClimate:
We need to mobilize. They need to go. #ClimateHawks #PledgeToMobilize!:


Friday, September 26, 2014

Climate tweets for 25 September 2014

Climate Scientists Seen As Trustworthy by Americans, Contrary to Reporting:
[science, denial, journalism, public opinion]

Cutting Carbon City by City Could Have Huge Impact on Climate Change:

Record year for fossil fuel emissions pushes carbon budget to brink: @Readfearn @guardian:

This Climate Change Poem Moved World Leaders to Tears: @FutureTenseNow:
[Kathy Jetnil Kijiner, Marshall Islands]

Skeptical Science "97 Hours of Consensus" climate science campaign reaches millions: … 

Top 5 Takeaways from @UN Climate Summit: … via @mashable 

.@WSJ's Message is Always Deny or Delay: Koonin Just Latest Misinformer; @AGW_Prof:
[science, denial, Wall Street Journal, Steven Koonin]

RT Climate Reality @ClimateReality:
MT @CarbonBubble: King Coal's reign crumbling as demand falters. #riskycoal:
[energy, investing, divestment]

RT 350 dot org @350:
October 17th, Pacific Climate Warriors will paddle into the harbour of the world’s largest coal port to stop coal:
[flooding, sea level, energy, investing, divestment]

“Spooked” Australian coal industry counterattacks divestment campaign: @jeremyleggett:
[energy, investing, risk]

RT Forecast The Facts @ForecastFacts:
.@eBay: you're a BICEP member—you committed to finding "solutions to the climate change crisis." But you still fund ALEC's climate denial?!?
[American Legislative Exchange Council, Koch, Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy]

Inside the Koch Brothers' Toxic Empire: @7im @rollingstone: 

#FF @ericholthaus @GoFossilFree @readingirl @CelloMomOnCars @BeyondCoal @p_hannam @AllanMargolin #climate

#FF @YaleClimateComm @CeresNews @ClimateHotNews @ClimateNow @CLIMATEMAMA @oscare2000 @wenstephenson @Climateate #climate

#FF @AndrewDessler @ClimateOfGavin @mle_marion @bradleyjdibble @healthy_climate @ForecastFacts @DebbySchade #climate

#FF @kellyrigg @readfearn @ClimateBites @CleanAirMoms @ForecastFacts @jackthelad1947 @hottopicnz @frankejames #climate

#FF @billmckibben @MichaelEMann @AGW_Prof @heidicullen @Bentler @climatecliff @YaleE360 @capital_climate #climate

#FF/join/contribute to: @mmfa @climateprogress @ClimateCentral @citizensclimate @350 @ClimateReality #climate #divest !

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Climate tweets for 23 September 2014

My associate hawk and me at the March. 


RT Climate Summit Live @Climate2014Live:
Representative of Holy See; "Pope Francis stresses there is a moral imperative to act now on climate for future generations" #Climate2014
[Vatican, religion, faith]

Stewart Blows Up on GOP over Climate Change: 'Pushing Million Pounds of Idiot up a Mountain':
[Jon Stewart, The Daily Show, science, denial, Steve Stockman, Dana Rohrabacher, Larry Bucshon]

RT Andrew Dessler @AndrewDessler:
Jon Stewart: "If scientists could be bought, [the Koch Bros.] would have already made it rain in nerdtown." Word.
[The Daily Show, denial, People's Climate March, Steve Stockman, Dana Rohrabacher, Larry Bucshon]

RT ClimateCentral @ClimateCentral:
More than 500 million may be affected by sea level rise:  See risk by country via @UpshotNYT

RT Justin Gillis @JustinHGillis:
Are we going to have enough food for everyone on a much hotter planet?:
[farming, agriculture]

RT Jamie Henn @Agent350:
Getting #climate into the mainstream media didn't take buzzwords or watering it down--it took organizing, partnerships, and mobilization.

Poll: Americans weigh in on global warming's impact: @CBSNews:
[public opinion]

7 charts that help make sense of this week's @UN climate summit: @bradplumer @voxdotcom:

.@EdBegleyJr: #PeoplesClimateMarch will speak loudly to world leaders: @sacbee:

California drought likely to persist or intensify:  via @mydesert 
[water, science]

U.S. Treasury Sec Jack Lew: Climate change hits all sectors of economy: @TheHill:

U.S. Lemon Lovers Tasting Bitter Price Shock from Drought: @BloombergNews:
[water, food, farming, agriculture]

Emma Thompson: Climate change deniers are 'bonkers' – video: @guardian:
[denial, People's Climate March]

Oil Cos Quietly Prep for Future of Carbon Pricing: @YaleE360:
[investing, divestment, carbon tax, carbon bubble]

Coal has no future in world's energy mix, @UN warns ahead of NYC summit: @Y7Finance:
[investing, divestment, carbon bubble]

Among the Marchers: … @billmckibben via @newyorker
[People's Climate March]

RT Mashable @mashable:
See who's promised what at the @UN's #Climate2014 Summit (in one map):

Why It Matters That Sunday Political Talk Shows Skipped The Big Climate March:  via @climateprogress

RT Pat Barclay @auntbeulah:
Avaaz - Biggest Climate March Ever: … Awesome photos! 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Climate tweets for 22 September 2014

50 Canadian climate researchers speak out in support of #PeoplesClimateMarch: @dana1981 @guardian: 
[science, denial, Canada]

In Maine, scientists see signs of climate change: @davabel @BostonGlobe:

Heirs of Oil Baron John D. Rockefeller Dumping Fossil Fuel Investments:
[investing, divestment]

.@Google: ALEC "lying" about climate, we're pulling support: … via @ForecastFacts
[American Legislative Exchange Council, denial]

RT Al Gore @algore:
We’re at the turning point. There’s no time to delay. Will you join me in demanding action on climate?:  #ClimateSummit

Alden Meyer of @ucsusa: Climate Summit in NY not an end, but a beginning: @TckTckTck:

"Someday" Is Now for Solar and Wind Power, says Lazard: @IEEESpectrum:
[energy, renewable energy, clean energy]

.@WSJ 's Noxious Climate Coverage Surrounding Historic March:  via @mmfa
[denial, Wall Street Journal]

RT Bill McKibben @billmckibben:
Can't help it: here's another great image of kids from Dhaka:
[People's Climate March]

What climate activists can learn from the fight against Big Tobacco via @AJAM:  

On climate, how far gone is the far right? (Spoiler: far): @drgrist:
[denial, David Roberts]

RT Dana Nuccitelli @dana1981:
I just committed to vote on climate -- RT if you want to #WinOnClimate and join now:

China Surpasses EU in Per-Capita Pollution for 1st Time:  via @BloombergNews

Wall Street Journal downplays global warming risks once again: @dana1981:

RT Michael Brune @bruneski:
Taping an interview for NBC Nightly News (airing Sunday night). #PCM #cleanenergy #ClimateWeek
RT Fossil Free @GoFossilFree:
These numbers are a powerful indictment of the fossil fuel industry. #divestnow #fossilfree:
[investing, divestment]

The coming era of unlimited - and free - clean energy:  via @washingtonpost
[energy, renewable energy, solar, wind energy, wind power]

RT Sierra Club @sierraclub:
Our @maryannehitt took this photo of a GREAT sign from yesterday's #PeoplesClimate march!

RT Pietra @holdmemalarkey:
I wanted to be there in the middle of adding and supporting climate. #PeoplesClimate #climatemarch:

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Climate tweets for 19 September 2014

RT Media Matters @mmfa:
79% of Americans want campaign finance reform, but major news networks are largely ignoring it:

Dems tie climate change deniers to tobacco, lead backers:
[science, denial]

RT ClimateCentral @ClimateCentral:
Friday Fact: Antarctic land ice is melting & that's a major concern for sea level rise:
[Antarctica, glaciers, sea ice]

White House cranks up heat ahead of @UN summit: @TheHill: 
[Barack Obama, solar, energy efficiency]

The Gathering Storm: @MichaelEMann, Daniel Kammen @ecowatch:
[science, denial]

The Big 340: Trickle of Renewable Energy Investors Turns Into Flood: @cleantechnica:
[investing, divestment]

McConnell: Make me Senate majority leader, I'll give you Keystone XL: @TheHill:
[Mitch McConnell, oil, tar sands, energy]

Our Disappearing Snows: Climate Change & Water Resources: @PeterGleick: 
[California, drought, food, farming, agriculture]

Why responding to climate change is just good business: @jeremyquittner @inc:
[risk, investing, divestment]

White House unveils new solar, energy efficiency steps:  via @usatoday 
[Barack Obama]

If Fixing Global Warming Is Free, What’s the Holdup?: @FutureTenseNow:
[energy, investing, divestment]

Over half Australian coastline vulnerable to rising sea level, flooding: @climatecouncil:

First Dog on the Moon: Ian the climate denialist potato goes to Texas – cartoon: @guardian: 

RT Reddit Politics @Politics_Reddit:
This 1 chart exposes climate-science deniers as frauds:
[science, denial, MarketWatch]

Watch Obama’s Top Science Advisor Repeatedly Shut Down Climate Deniers at House Hearing: 
[John Holdren, science, denial, Steve Stockman, Dana Rohrabacher, Larry Bucshon]

RT Duncan Noble @carbonexplorer:
Climate News is out!: … Stories via @climatehawk1 @mikesummerell @theresphysics

Friday, September 19, 2014

Climate tweets for 18 September 2014

RT Eric Holthaus @EricHolthaus:
Earth’s oceans just broke an all-time heat record. (Bonus: 2014 on pace for warmest year ever):

RT Alexander Verbeek @Alex_Verbeek:
Investors worth $24 trillion call for global carbon price:
[investing, divestment, carbon tax]

RT Katharine Hayhoe @KHayhoe:
I'd be happy to compare his bank acct w/ mine RT @climateprogress Don't trust climate scientists. They're in it for $$:
[science, denial]

Natural Disasters Displaced 22M People Last Year, 3x More Than War:
[flooding, drought]

Why we need to worry about Greenland’s dark snow: @FutureTenseNow:
[sea level, glaciers]

Green Latinos: Will environmental worries dispel idea of one-issue voters?: @AJAM:

Risky business: China dumps Australia's dirty coal: 
[energy, investing, divestment, carbon bubble]

.@AlGore: Climate Skepticism Will Haunt Republicans in 2016: @NationalJournal:
[science, denial, Al Gore]

Austria’s Alps hit by climate change: @BBCNews: 

China, the Climate and the Fate of the Planet: @rollingstone:
[coal, energy]

RT Michael E. Mann @MichaelEMann:
Excited to be involved in the promising new #ClimateDoorstep project of @TheDailyClimate:

RT WWF Climate Savers @climatesavers:
Join @WWFFrance in Paris this weekend to call for climate action!:  #MarcheClimat

RT Forecast The Facts @ForecastFacts:
#Ford gave $791k to 98 climate deniers. Comment on @Ford's fb page: Tell them to #GoFurther if they want to be "green." RT after you post!
RT Climate Hot News @ClimateHotNews:
Cold, hard facts RT @TheDailyClimate: Antarctic ice should set record, but Arctic dwindles. … h/t @USATODAY

.@NOAA: W/ Hottest August, 2014 Takes Aim @ Hottest Year On Record:  via @climateprogress 

Volcanic vs. Human Emissions: Yale Climate Connections (@CC_Yale):
[science, volcanoes]

RT Hilary Evans @RevHilary1:
@climatehawk1 @HuffPostGreen Oxford City Council first to divest itself of carbon fuels. Well done Oxford.

RT Jenny Banks @BanksJenny:
Off to London #climatemarch on Sun with 100s of WWF supporters. Biggest global #climate mobilisation ever. Join us:

RT The People's Agenda @AUelectionQs;
@climatehawk1 thought this event on democracy and renewable energy would interest you?:  Syd 27th Sept. Please RT

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Climate tweets for 17 September 2014

Earth Surface During August 2014 Hottest Ever Recorded: robertscribbler:

New Study Links Polar Vortex to Climate Change:

Gulf of Alaska unusually warm, weird fish showing up:  via @ElaheIzadi @washingtonpost
[oceans, food, science, fishing]

Fixing Climate Change May Add No Costs, Report Says: @nytimes:
[investing, divestment, Global Commission on the Economy and Climate]

RT Al Gore @algore:
Student activists give me #ClimateHope. Come learn why:

Climate change report: prevent damage by overhauling global economy: @guardian:
[investing, divestment, Global Commission on the Economy and Climate]

"Polar Vortex" Excursions Linked to Global Warming:

Flooding would threaten D.C. infrastructure, report says:  via @washingtonpost 
[sea level]

RT Suzanne Goldenberg @suzyji:
Leonardo DiCaprio named UN Messenger of Peace for climate change:

RT Jamie Henn @Agent350:
"I will link arms with those marching for climate action. We stand with them on the right side of this key issue," @secgen Ban Ki-moon

Louisiana Gov Hedges On Climate Change as State Disappears into Sea:
[Bobby Jindal, denial, sea level, flooding]

MT @climatebloggers: From students to scientists, faith groups to farmers, we will march as one.  
[People's Climate March]

Asian monsoon discovery suggests rains will increase under climate change: @CarbonBrief:
[science, flooding, India]

Black Lung Among Coal Miners at Highest Level in 40 Years:  via @climateprogress

RT CitizensClimateLobby @citizensclimate:
Amazing communicator: Katharine @KHayhoe interviewed on Bill Moyers: Climate Change: Faith and Fact:
[Katherine Hayhoe, religion, science]

RT Virally Suppressed @SuppressThis:
Watering Lawns in the Desert: What Las Vegas Can Tell Us About Climate Change (and Ourselves): 
[drought, water, Nevada]

RT Climate Reality @ClimateReality:
.@MarkRuffalo is declaring war on #DirtyEnergy. Watch him take the battle forward:
[energy, renewable energy]

RT Mark Ruffalo @MarkRuffalo:
24 Reasons for Hope = 24 reasons why we CAN solve the climate crisis. Join @ClimateReality: 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Climate tweets for 15 September 2014

Coca Cola, Heinz, Other Major Food Cos Warn Climate Change Threatens Business: via @climateprogress
[investing, divestment]

.@NASA: Hottest August Globally Since Records Began In 1880: via @climateprogress 

The 97% v. the 3% – just how much global warming are humans causing?: @dana1981 @guardianeco:
[science, denial]

Should construction continue during extended drought?:  via @mydesert
[California, water]

Where the wildfires are: If there's smoke, there are costly health problems: 
[fire, air pollution]

New Antarctic sea ice record — but scientists not 'confounded': @ConversationEDU: 

RT mayboeve @mayboeve:
you know you've hit the NYC zeitgest when the #climate cupcakes roll out... h/t @Dlashof: 
[People's Climate March]

At least 150 major cos prep for carbon prices:  via @usatoday 
[carbon tax, investing, divestment]

RT Jane Smith @CaringInfo«@thenation "Why haven't our societies responded to 25 years of dire warnings from scientists?": 
[science, denial]

Kate Has Things to Say: I Have High #Climate Sensitivity: … via @DrKateMarvel 

Facts Cannot Slow Down Runaway #Climate Confusion Train: @AGW_Prof:
[science, denial]

Monday, September 15, 2014

Climate tweets for 14 September 2014

RT ClimateCentral @ClimateCentral:
Why Republicans didn't want California to develop a sea-level rise adaptation database:

Not One Drop: How Long Will California Survive Life w/o Water?:  via @NBCNews 
[drought, farming, agriculture]

Crews battle out-of-control wildfire as Southern California bakes:
[fire, heat waves]

Climate change concerns weigh on Cape Cod home-buying decisions: @BostonGlobe:
[sea level, flooding]

RT Michael E. Mann @MichaelEMann:
Hear, hear! MT @gregorynrice Thanks to @edbegleyjr for...lending his passion to compel people to think efficiently and sustainably.

Croatia struggles with flooding after heavy rains:  via @reuters 

Facing climate change head-on means changing capitalism: Naomi Klein: @torontostar:

Sun, Wind Alter Global Landscape, Leaving Utilities Behind:
[Germany, energy, solar, wind energy, wind power]

Alarm as almond farmers consume California's water: @guardian:
[food, farming, agriculture, drought]

RT WECAN, International @WECAN_INTL:
"Big #Oil's Latest Attack on #ClimateAction." Great blog from @CleanAirMoms:

[energy, denial]

RT Jeri Ryan @JeriLRyan:
Really, mid-September? 
[California, heat waves]

RT Faun Kime @FaunKime:
Why you should care about the floods in Kashmir. 
[flooding, India, Pakistan, national security]

Brazil: Drought bites as Amazon’s ‘flying rivers’ dry up: @ClimateNewsNet:
[water, forests, farming, agriculture]