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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Climate tweets for 4 April 2014

UN climate report: Pricing of CO2 emissions critical: @physorg_com 
[investing, divestment]

.@NBCNews slates 1-hour special Sunday on ... climate change!!: 

Video: Climate science crash course by @dana1981 with @CitizensClimate: 

RT Climate Bloggers ‏@climatebloggers:
World’s biggest investment fund doubles investments in renewables: 
[Norway, investing, divestment]

Climate change will 'lead to battles for food', says head of @WorldBank: @guardian:

ExxonMobil has 25B barrels of fossil fuel, plans to extract it all: @motherjones: 
[oil, investing, divestment]

Death Valley: One of few places in California not in extreme drought: @ericholthaus 

Warming Temperatures Could Dry Out 1/3 of Planet: @ClimateCentral
[drought, food, farming, agriculture]

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