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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Climate tweets for 29 April 2014

Why New Studies May Mean 'Game Over for Climate Deniers': @TheStreet
(investing, divestment, science, denial)

When April Is the New July: Siberia’s Epic Wildfires Far Too Early | robertscribbler
[fire, heat waves, Russian Federation]

Triple Digits Expected In California, Texas In Early Spring Heat Wave:  

RT Mitch Hescox ‏@mitch_at_EEN:
An exchange with the president on climate (letter) - The York Daily Record
[faith, religion]

What’s your carbon footprint and where does it come from?: @skepticscience 

El Niño Risk Increases as Pacific Gets Warmer: Carbon and Climate: @BloombergNews

California drought putting fish, birds, tree species at risk, scientists say: 
[science, wildlife, water]

Typhoon Haiyan was just the start – prepare for an ever-stormier future: @guardian 

RT Hannah Earth Ocean ‏@Lovemotherocean:
Joshua trees may be migrating north in response to climate change: @highcountrynews 

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