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Monday, April 21, 2014

Climate tweets for 20 April 2014

RT 350 dot org @350:
“People of conscience need to break their ties with corporations financing the injustice of climate change.” - Desmond Tutu
[investing, divestment]

Dump fossil fuels for health of our hearts: Simple Climate 
[air pollution]

RT Climate Reality ‏@ClimateReality:
Tonight, don't miss #HarrisonFord & @Schwarzenegger in Episode 2 of @YEARSofLIVING! Watch on @SHO_Network at 10pm ET/PT #YEARSProject

The drought hitting 40% of the entire U.S., in 5 maps: @washingtonpost
[water, food, farming, ranching, agriculture]

Rising food prices pinching consumers: @usatoday 
[drought, farming, agriculture] 

RT ClimateCentral ‏@ClimateCentral:
California drought: 2014 vs. this time last year 

Is climate change the new slavery?: How volcano changed the world: @Grist
[farming, food, agriculture, Tambora]

RT Sandy Dechert ‏@sandydec:
YEARS: What It Is, Who, & What It’s All About | Sandy Dechert  READ, WATCH tonite! 

Climate change threatens national security: @ericholthaus @slate 
[military, David Titley]

As Peru's glaciers disappear, so does water they supply: 
[food, farming]

Change farming for climate: US expert: @ABCRural 
[food, agriculture]

RT Dana Nuccitelli ‏@dana1981:
Op-ed: Time to tax carbon and give taxpayers the money 
… via @sltrib by Mark Reynolds 

RT ClimateNow ‏@ClimateNow:
India’s Worsening Water Crisis - 114 million will soon face desperate shortages
[food, farming, agriculture]

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