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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Climate tweets for 18 January 2014

Why Is It So Hot in Australia?: @LiveScience 

Study Sheds Light on Effects of Clouds on Warming: @ClimateCentral

Scorchers: the reality of a sunburnt country: 

Science Denialists Make Fake Journal, Get Shut Down: @gregladen 

Unfortunately, World Still Barreling Toward Climate Cataclysm: @climateprogress

RT Jeremy Mansfield ‏@JezMans: MT "@Andrewdavid70: Rising sea levels leave National Trust properties in Devon & Cornwall at risk

RT Scott A Mandia ‏@AGW_Prof: John Cook's (et al) paper 11th most talked about academic paper of 2013. Kudos. Climate science consensus. 97-98%

California Gov. Brown Declares Drought Emergency Amid Heat Records, Low Reservoirs: 

RT Kathryn Thomsen ‏@Ecobase: Eye-opening Infographic showing energy-water interdependence via @AnnaDM_ … via @Alex_Verbeek 

RT David Reid ‏@davidreid1: California hit by wildfires in the middle of winter!,0,7217942.story 

RT Keith Martin MD ‏@keithmartinmd: Next week @davos begins: will attendees organize themselves & act to address #climatechange? 

Faced w/ Sluggish Economy, Europe Blinks on Climate Change: @NYTimes 

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