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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Climate tweets for 24 January 2014

How Phoenix Is Getting Ready for 100-Degree Nights: @climateprogress 

Arctic ‘Heat Wave’ to Rip Polar Vortex in Half, Shatter Alaska’s All-Time High for January? 

RT Kelly Rigg ‏@kellyrigg: World Bank Pres Kim calls for price on carbon, corp disclosing climate risk exposure, green bonds 

Caribbean Sees Worrying Rise in Climate-Sensitive Diseases: @IPSnews 

Lord Stern: I should have been fiercer in climate change review: @guardian 

Are 2013's Most Extreme Weather Events Just Taste Of What's to Come?: 

RT ClimateCentral ‏@ClimateCentral: Friday Fact: All 13 years of the 21st century have ranked among the 15 warmest on record. 2013 ranked #4:

Seeking brainpower: Colorado group seeks solutions to Earth’s warming: 

RT Climate Reality ‏@ClimateReality: This letter to the editor cuts deep & highlights the need for greater scientific literacy, courtesy of @RLBays 

RT Dan Fagin ‏@danfagin: They can see climate change as clearly as Palin saw Russia, so Alaska's park managers are getting ready. 

Targets of climate hate mail rally 2 support one another: ClimateWire 

RT Kelly Rigg ‏@kellyrigg MT @arhobley: @CarbonBubble is doing its bit @davos expose carbon investment risk in absence of an effective carbon price #wef14

RT 350 dot org @350: Overwhelming majority of Latinos back serious climate action and steps to clean up fossil fuels: 

RT ClimateCentral ‏@ClimateCentral: Very cool! RT @ClimateOfGavin: "Cold" - Xkcd channels @ClimateCentral 

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