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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thanks, Al

The post I should have written for Thanksgiving:

I'm thankful, of course, for everyone who is active in trying to persuade recalcitrant and boneheaded governments around the world (including our own in Washington, D.C.) to get serious about slashing global warming pollution.  Bless you all, thank you all, and more power to your efforts, whatever (nonviolent) form they may take.  But I'd like to extend a special note of thanks to our former Vice President, Al Gore.

When you look across the spectrum of U.S. politicians on this issue, it's a pretty sorry sight.  Vice President Gore has done more--far more--than any other American political leader to draw our attention to this urgent global problem, and he has done it consistently, month after month, year after year.  Take a look on Twitter for @algore and you will find him today, still pushing out information about climate science and its implications.  In return, he has been belittled, defamed, mocked, and smeared.  The lackeys of the fossil fuels industry have talked about "making Al Gore angry" as if it were a serious policy objective, rather than juvenile taunting unworthy of anyone's serious attention.  Shame on them and those who pay them.

And thanks, Al.  Thanks for not being either bought off by the fossil fuels industries, like so many others, or cowed by their Tea Party dupes.  Thanks for continuing to tell us the inconvenient truth about the serious global danger we are courting with our current energy policy and what we need to do to avert it.  We are all in your debt.

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